Sightseeing Course

Making wax-mold casting crafts and hot springs

Kashiwazaki Interchange

15 min. by car (6km) from Kashiwazaki Interchange:

Hara Souemon Kobo( craft center)

Duration120 min.

The wax-mold casting crafts (copperware) are produced by traditional techniques handed down through generations of Kashiwazaki people. The craft features violet tints which enhance its beauty as time passes. The polished effect improves as the months and years go by. As the wax-mold can work into delicate forms like accessories, participants can make unique and original crafts. Please try to make your original casting craft a precious memory of your visit to Japan.

The initial hand sculpturing of the craft takes 120min. The final product takes about one week to finish through coating, quenching, pouring (casting), fairing and polishing. The craft center will send your craft to your home as soon as it is completed.

The Fee is 3,000 yen (excluding shipping costs).To make a reservation call: 0257-22-3630.

10 min. by car (3km) from Hara Souemon Kobo:

Salt Spa Shiokaze(Hot springs)

Duration120 min.

The hot spring day facilities have a view over the Japan Sea. There are eleven various bathing areas, including outdoor baths and salt saunas. After taking a bath, please relax and enjoy seafood from the Japan Sea at the restaurant, saloon or in your own private room.

The natural hot spring water is high in sodium chloride. Major benefits of this hot spring are relieving neuralgia, muscle aches, stiff shoulders, bruising, sprains, gastroenteritis and dermatitis. The refreshing waters also reduce sensitivity to colds.

The admission fee is 940 yen for adults and 470 yen for children.The charge for using a private room is 2,000 yen for two hours.

15 min. by car (5km) from Salt Spa Shiokaze:

Kashiwazaki Interchange